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Dents du Midi

Our history

The beginnings of the ski club began before the 1st World War, the English were very active in the Morginoise resort.

Each of the three hotels in operation had its own sports club.
The HC Morgins, the Bear-Club and the Corbeau-Club offered curling, skiing or skating.
With the outbreak of the 14-18 war, the English became rare. In 1936, the inhabitants of Morgins came together to create the Ski-Club Morgins, under the impetus of its founding members: Maurice, Norbert and Raymond Défago, René and Maurice Granger, Théo Grin, Maurice and André Rouiller, Gabriel Crépin, Paul Martenet, Antoine Dubosson, and Miss Emma Donnet.

The position of 1st President was occupied by Maurice Défago.

From this company emerge major competitors who will make the news worldwide:
Paul-André Dubosson, Martial Donnet, Joël Gaspoz, or even Daniel and Didier Défago Olympic champion who obtains the dream of any athlete: the GOLD of the downhill of the Vancouver Olympic Games (CAN) in 2010.

The current Club

Our Club represents more than 400 members with a well-assured succession  our "COMPETITION SKIING" center for the many highly motivated Cadets, OJs and Juniors who stamp their feet with impatience in the starting gates, it's is the driving force behind the young strains which will perhaps join our great competitors from Morgin.

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